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What is SureSmile and why should you be interested?

What is SureSmile and why should you be interested? 150 150 Turner Lim Orthodontists, New Lynn, Auckland

Have you heard about SureSmile? Actually, it is quite likely you haven’t because, despite the fact that orthodontists in the United States and Australia have been using it for a number of years, SureSmile is quite new to New Zealand.

Turner Lim Orthodontists was actually one of the first New Zealand orthodontic practices to adopt Suresmile technology — first in the North Island

Let me explain why …

What is SureSmile?

You could describe SureSmile as a reinvention of orthodontic treatment. For the patient, the benefits are significant. They include:

• fewer visits to the orthodontist
• less discomfort
• higher-quality results.

How does SureSmile work?

Using an OraScanner — a wand that works like a 3-D camera — your orthodontist takes pictures of your teeth. These are sent to a computer and a detailed 3-D model is constructed. Using this model, your orthodontist can see how your teeth fit together from any angle. And by using virtual tools, which come with SureSmile software, they can determine the final position of your teeth and the best plan for your treatment.



The OraScanner taking 3-D images of a patient’s teeth.

Sometimes your treatment will start with a scan of your teeth using a Cone Beam Computer Tomagraphy (CBCT). A CBCT scan allows your orthodontist to see the position of your teeth as well as their roots.

Once a treatment plan is determined by your orthodontist, a robot bends a memory alloy archwire in accordance with your prescription. The archwire, once fitted to your teeth, then delivers gentle, consistent forces to move them directly to the desired position.

robot shaping archwire

Robot shaping archwire

To see how this works, view this video.

So, why is SureSmile better?

As I mentioned, there are three key benefits — fewer visits, less discomfort and higher-quality results. Let me explain these benefits in more detail …

Fewer visits to your orthodontist

SureSmile treatment is on average 29% faster than traditional treatment. This is due to the unprecedented precision made possible by the 3-D imaging and the use of a robot to bend the archwire. The archwire will push your teeth in multiple directions to exactly where your orthodontist prescribes — first time around.

So, this means the need for manual adjustments is reduced considerably and your treatment is completed much faster.

Less discomfort

If you know someone who’s worn traditional braces, the chances are they’d say they weren’t very comfortable.

With SureSmile, the system is engineered to maximise the efficiency of each wire — each wire provides smoother movement for a more comfortable experience.  Also, due to the precision of the technology, you don’t have to experience so many uncomfortable adjustments in the orthodontist’s chair.

Higher-quality results

With traditional braces, your orthodontist adjusts the wires manually. As already mentioned, SureSmile wire is adjusted to your prescription by a robot — to a level of precision that no human can match. And when the wires are put in place, each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position. It is this precise movement that produces superior results.

So, I hope this post explains why SureSmile is so good. If you found this useful please share. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us.